William Sadler

as Detective Wilson
as Sheriff Dusty Hawkins
as Henry Barrow
as Walter Reed
as Governor Ross
as Sheriff Beau McKinney
as Peter Santucci
as Big Bill
as Plimpton
as President Matthew Ellis
as Sheriff Dixon
as Sheriff Doakes
as Western Man / Jack Abel
as George Youngstown
as Wilson Wyler Concannon
as Thomas Conners
as Lt. Colonel Lewis B. 'Chesty' Puller
as Jerry's Dad
as Thomas Novacek
as Uncle Rodney
as Cole Carter
as Colonel Allen
as Ivan Reisz
as Senator Lampert
as Kenneth Braun
as Klaus Detterick
as Adm. Frank Petersen
as Jim Natter
as Wild Bill Overbeck
as Colonel Frank Madden / Improved Solo
as Dr. Linus
as Dick Brian
as Mr. Rush (Presenter)
as Monroe
as Yuri Chelenkoff
as Colonel Stuart
as Frank Sutton
as Senator Vernon Trent
as Salesman Don
as Coach Dickey
as Dr. Carroll (as Bill Sadler)
as Hotel Clerk
Image of William Sadler
Name: William Sadler
Born: 1950-04-13
Age: 74
Gender: Male
City: Buffalo, New York, USA
Know works: 73
Died Date:
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