William H. Macy

as Philip Wyatt
as Kirby Curtis
as Robert Newsome
as Dr. Corman
as Leonard
as Arbogast
as Father Brendan
as Don Twombly
as Dr. Noseworthy
as Charlie Berns
as Dudley Frank
as Paul Ebbers
as Lefty Maginnis (voice)
as Senator Ortolan Finistirre
as Executive Producer
as Edmond
as Nathan Travers
as Admiral Jim Sandecker
as Sgt. Bob Mooney
as Stoddard
as Tick Tock McGlaughlin
as Bernie Lootz
as Bill Porter
as Lawrence 'Larry' Newman
as Donnie Smith
as The Shoveler
as Sheriff Chappy Dent
as George Parker
as James Gordon
as Milton Arbogast
as "Little" Bill Thompson
as CIA Agent Charles Young
as Major Caldwell
as Mr. O'Day
as Jerry Lundegaard
as Captain Knox
as Vice Principal Gene Wolters
as Pros. Atty. Schultz
as Dr. Frank Teague
as Dr. Greenway
as Evolver (voice) (as W.H. Macy)
as Randy Burch
as Property Clerk
as Tim Sullivan
as Billy Drake
as Radio Voice (voice)
as Sgt. John Moran
as NORAD Officer
as Critic (as W.H. Macy)
Image of William H. Macy
Name: William H. Macy
Born: 1950-03-13
Age: 73
Gender: Male
City: Miami, Florida, USA
Know works: 95
Died Date:
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