William Bendix

as Blacksmith
as Sheriff Ed Tanner
as Sergeant Major Lush
as 'Frenchy' Shapiro
as Buck Fitzpatrick
as Van Morgan Duff
as Chief Ranger Joe Parker
as Lawrence C. Trumble
as Timothy Aloysius 'Tim' Dunnovan
as Det. Lou Brody
as Bill 'Two Call' Johnson
as Larry Best
as Capt. Vincent Blake
as Reuben 'Wahoo' Jones
as Barney Runson
as George Herman 'Babe' Ruth
as Victor O'Brien
as Lt. Damico
as Pedro Blake
as Porkie Scott
as Buzz Wanchek
as Donnelly - Uncle Don
as Stauffer, alias Fred Foss
as Patrick Michael 'Don Juan' Quilligan
as William Bendix
as Johnny Sparrow
as Corp. Taxi Potts
as Pinkie Peters
as Jeff (Varna's henchman)
as Detective Brannigan
as Pvt. Aloysius K. 'Smacksie' Randall
Image of William Bendix
Name: William Bendix
Born: 1906-01-14
Age: 58
Gender: Male
City: New York City, New York, United States
Know works: 49
Died Date: 1964-12-14
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