Wendy Crewson

as Mrs. Applebaum
as Harriet Griswold
as Dr. Jill Klavens
as Aunt Sarah
as Talk Show Host
as Dr. Fishman
as Mira Tesser
as Eve McClaren
as Evelyn Danvers
as Female Leader
as Louise Miller
as Elaine Burka
as McNally 'Mac' Hays
as Patsy Grady
as Jackie York
as Bernadine Mello
as Joanne Kilbourn
as 'Ma'am' Martin
as Theresa Small
as Helen Eden
as Grace Marshall
as Roberta "Robbie" Cratchet
as Laura Calvin Miller
as Susan Evans
as Audrey Aldrich
as Dr. Leslie Abbott
as Elizabeth Rollins
as Irene Tremayne
as Barbara / Dorigen
as Marina Gentile
Image of Wendy Crewson
Name: Wendy Crewson
Born: 1956-05-09
Age: 67
Gender: Female
City: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Know works: 65
Died Date:
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