Wallace Shawn

as Mr. Mustela (voice)
as Rex (voice)
as Dr. Derek
as Mr. Woodley (voice)
as Mr. Willis
as Mr. Papadopoulos
as Halvard Solness
as Clearence
as Gideon Rosen
as Dr. Van Helsing
as Rex (voice)
as Rex (voice)
as Booker / Broker / Lancealot Squarejaw
as Billy (voice)
as Baron Von Westphalen
as Principal Fetchit (voice)
as Gilbert Huph (voice)
as Principal Crosby Strickler (voice)
as Herman
as Colonel Wilson
as Rex the Green Dinosaur (voice)
as Dr. Elliott Coleye
as Arthur Blake
as Labrador MC (voice)
as Rex (voice)
as Mr. Wendell Hall
as Principal Arthur Mazur (voice)
as Canadian Prime Minister Clark MacDonald
as Sibor, Semage's Beau
as Everett Willits
as Doctor Fishbinder
as Masked Avenger
as Henderson's Attorney
as Father Abruzzi
as Mike Hoover
as Dr. Elliot Fibel
as Otto Jaffe
as Eric Van Dongen
as Jeremiah
as Assistant Insurance Man
as Workshop Member
Image of Wallace Shawn
Name: Wallace Shawn
Born: 1943-11-12
Age: 79
Gender: Male
City: New York City, New York, USA
Know works: 100
Died Date:
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