Ving Rhames

as Rod Hamilton
as Thaddeus (voice)
as Mr. Valentine
as Officer Hall
as Principal Thompson
as Captain Langley
as The Man
as Renzo Wes
as Deputy Fallon
as Norman / De'Sha
as Sonny Liston
as Joshua Harlow
as Agent Dave Grant
as Carruthers
as Pastor Armstrong Cane
as Captain Rhodes
as James 'Animal' Allen
as Animal
as Cue Ball Carl Bridgers
as Cobra Bubbles (voice)
as Eddie Burns
as John Morgan
as Cobra Bubbles (voice)
as George 'Iceman' Chambers
as Arthur Holland
as Melvin 'Mel'
as Sgt. Ryan Whitaker (voice)
as Holiday Heart
as Aaron Thibadeaux
as Buddy Bragg
as Nathan Jones
as Luther Stickell
as Marsellus Wallace
as Duane Stevenson
as Robert Randolph
as Herbert Cotter
Image of Ving Rhames
Name: Ving Rhames
Born: 1959-05-12
Age: 63
Gender: Male
City: New York City, New York, USA
Know works: 92
Died Date:
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