Trevor Howard

as Father Silva
as Jack Soames
as Le père
as Judge Broomfield
as Prof. Heinrich Tessenow
as Lord Henry Ames
as Yoshka Poliakeff
as Sir Henry Rawlinson
as Jack Cartwright
as Windwalker
as Program Controller
as Sir Michael Hughes
as Father Malone
as 1st Elder
as Alec Mackenzie
as Lieutenant Colonel Silkin
as Johannes
as Colonnello Benjamin Strang
as Clyde Massey
as Supt. Bellamy
as Lucas Martino
as Paul Bellamy
as Richard Wagner
as Lieutenant Cartwright, Detective Superintendant
as The Abbot
as Pope Leo
as Lord Advocate
as The Inspector
as Trevor Dawson
as Father Hugh Collins
as Twinky's Grandfather
as Air Vice Marshal Keith Park
as Freddie Young
as Robert Hook
as Freddie Young
as Major Eric Fincham
as Professor Lindemann
as Colonel Statter
as Commander Frank Houghton
as Major Kensington
as Capt. William Bligh
as John Bullit
as Ejlert Lövborg
as Walter Morel
as Capt. Chris Ford
as James Prothero
as Frank McNally
as Inspector Lewis
as Lt. Cmdr Hugh Alginon Fraser
as Captain Peter Churchill
as Maj. David Somers
as David Redfern
as Major Calloway
as Prof. Steven Stratton
as George Clement 'Clem' Morgan
as Dr. Richard Whiteside
as Dr. Alec Harvey
as Squadron Leader Carter
Image of Trevor Howard
Name: Trevor Howard
Born: 1913-09-29
Age: 75
Gender: Male
City: Cliftonville, Kent, England, UK
Know works: 80
Died Date: 1988-01-07
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