Tom Sizemore

as General Reed
as Max London
as Colonel Mayweather
as Lucky
as Sgt. Mason
as Richard Gates
as Property Owner
as Senator Stevenson
as Detective Frank Nitti
as CIA Agent Terry Davis
as Dwayne Franklin
as Detective Michaels
as Colonel Forrester
as Col. Big Rich
as Boyd Dennison
as Don Carlo
as Mickey Duro
as Giovanni Moretti
as Detective Frank Nitti
as Captain Vickers
as Detective Jake Dawson
as Lavoie
as Vincent Modine
as Kyle Norris
as Assemblyman Dean Bada
as Sergeant Mike Martin
as Detective Mark Hume
as Howard Markby
as Orphanage Headmaster
as Damian White
as Damian White
as General Vincent Tate
as DEA Agent Sam Mathews
as Leroy Lowe
as Detective Frank Nitti
as Tony 'The Hip' Anzaldo
as Roger Cheatem
as Michael McCormack
as Angelo Esposito
as Large Bills
as Vince Stoker
as Frank Miller
as Detective Cunningham
as Armand Mehlman
as Rex Harper
as Lt. Owen Underhill
as Snake Dupree
as Seith Georg
as Lt. Col. Danny McKnight
as Earl Sistern
as Det. Ray Nettles
as Dr. Quinn Burchenal
as Les Fletcher (voice)
as Technical Sergeant Michael Horvath
as Paulie Pintero
as Lt. Vincent D'Agosta
as Michael Cheritto
as Max Peltier
as Det. Jack Scagnetti
as Bat Masterson
as Cody Nicholson
as Det. Danny Detillo
as Jesse Meadows
as Sly Delvecchio
as Al Unser
as Chief Hamilton Markham
as DEA Head Craig Ford
Image of Tom Sizemore
Name: Tom Sizemore
Born: 1961-11-29
Age: 62
Gender: Male
City: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Know works: 131
Died Date:
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