Thomas Kretschmann

as Lorentz Vogelmann
as Dr. Andre Mason
as Oberstleutnant Seidel
as Rayt Marius
as Grigory Barovsky
as Baron Wolfgang von Strucker
as Horst Dassler
as Kapitan Kan
as Major Tom Caine (archive footage)
as Vater Klaus Kuegler
as Professor Z (voice)
as Harry Meyen
as Thomas Kretschmann
as Klaus Becker
as Wolf Larssen
as Otto Ernst Remer
as Captain Jürgen Schumann
as Herr Slättberg
as Mr. Smith
as Adolf Eichmann
as Oliver Hartwin
as Captain Englehorn
as Ludwig Cremer
as SS-Gruppenführer Hermann Fegelein
as Major Thomas Bietrich
as Nikopol
as Victor Helios
as Captain Wilm Hosenfeld
as Damaskinos
as Robert Fernau
as Vanni delle Rondini
as Capt. Lt. Gunther Wassner
as Johnny Krieger
as König Xerxes
as Gianni Tricarico
as Franck
as Leutnant Hans von Witzland
as Mann in Zürich
Image of Thomas Kretschmann
Name: Thomas Kretschmann
Born: 1962-09-08
Age: 61
Gender: Male
City: Dessau, Germany
Know works: 73
Died Date:
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