Tara Strong

as Young Superman (voice)
as Ben Tennyson / Glitch (voice)
as Sash (voice)
as Raven (Teen Titans) / Raven
as Twilight Sparkle (voice)
as Harleen F. Quinzel / Harley Quinn / Pamela Isley / Poison Ivy (voice)
as Reporter (voice)
as Additional Voices (voice)
as Saturn Girl / Harley Quinn / Poison Ivy (voice)
as Katherine Kane / Batwoman (voice)
as Mary Jane Watson (voice)
as Mary Jane Watson / Automated Voice (voice)
as Batgirl / Harleen Quinzel (voice)
as Mary Jane Watson / Scientist #2 (voice)
as Scouts (voice)
as Harleen Quinzel / Harley Quinn (voice)
as Additional Voices (voice)
as Harley Quinn / Poison Ivy (voice)
as Matilija Chief (voice)
as Talia (voice)
as Harley Quinn / Poison Ivy / Raven (Voice)
as Twilight Sparkle (voice)
as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (voice)
as Twilight Sparkle / Princess Twilight Sparkle
as Voix additionnelles (voix)
as Twilight Sparkle (voice)
as Additional Voice (voice)
as Additional Voices (voice)
as Catherine (voice)
as Additional Voices (voice)
as Harley Quinn/ Harleen Quinzel / Poison Ivy / Pamela Isley (voice)
as Shop Owner (voice)
as Becky (voice)
as Barbara Gordon / Batgirl (voice)
as Additional Voices (voice)
as Harley Quinn / Poison Ivy (voice)
as Harley Quinn / Poison Ivy (voice)
as Additional Voices (voice)
as Ted Toy (voice)
as Additional Voices (voice)
as Twilight Sparkle (voice)
as Cocknocker / Small Fry the Science Guy (voice)
as Michelle / Young Bruce Wayne / Kevin Ridley / Anchor Trish / Additional Voices (voice)
as Young Vera (voice)
as Austin / Princess Garogflotach (voice)
as Ben Tennyson, Upgrade
as Harley Quinn / Selena Gomez (voice)
as Nicole (voice)
as Buttermilk Skye (voice)
as Female Radio Caller #2 / Lashina (voice)
as Toot Braunstein / Princess Clara (voice)
as Alexa (voice)
as Timmy Turner / Poof (voice)
as (voice)
as Construction Cow / Teen Girl Wolf / Popular Girl (voice)
as April / Lucy / Additional Voices (voice)
as Additional Voices (voice)
as La Petite Ballerina (voice)
as Mercy Graves (voice)
as Priscilla Pig / House Mother
as Bebe Proud/Cece Proud/Cashew (voice)
as Brooke / Forest Animals / Scouts (voice)
as Sara Simple / Sonny Sklarow (voice)
as Timmy Turner / Paula Poundcake / Vicky's Mom / Tommy Turner / Tammy Turner (voice)
as Crew Woman ("Final Flight of Osiris") / Nurse ("World Record") / Misha ("Beyond")
as Misha (voice)
as Nurse (voice)
as Timmy / Kid / Fairy #1 / Kid #1 (voice)
as Baby Moeritherium (voice)
as Hazel (voice)
as Additional Voices (voice)
as Dil Pickles (voice)
as Dylan Prescott 'Dil' Pickles (voice)
as Young Barbara Gordon / Batgirl
as Lena (voice) (as Tara Charendoff)
as Dilan "Dil" Pickles (voice)
as Spot / Two-Tone / Vendela (voice) (as Tara Charendoff)
as Additional Voices (voice)
as Carla Morgan
Image of Tara Strong
Name: Tara Strong
Born: 1973-02-12
Age: 51
Gender: Female
City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Know works: 141
Died Date:
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