Stephen Chow

as Writer
as Ti Chow
as Wan Tin-Sau
as Policeman with dog
as Chan Mon-Gut
as Ling Ling Faat (Double 0 Fat)
as Chi Juen Bo / Joker / Monkey King
as Chi Juen Bo/ Suen Ng Hung / Joker
as Pao Lung Sing
as Ling Ling Chai / Chat
as Tang Pak Fu / Wah On
as Star Chow, Million Wong
as Dragon Fighter Lo Han
as Wei Siu Bo / Wilson Bond
as Wei Siu Bo / Wilson Bond
as Sung Sai-Kit / Sung Shih-Chieh
as So Cha Ha Yee Chan / Tsan, So Hat Ngai
as Koo Jing / Chi Man-Jing / Maggie Koo
as Lau Ching / Saint of Gamblers
as (Narrator)
as Chow Sing-Chee
as Sam Shek Kam-Shui
as Sin (as Sing Chi Chow)
as Cheung Lon / Cockroach
as 'Jacky' Yuen Kei-hao
Image of Stephen Chow
Name: Stephen Chow
Born: 1962-06-22
Age: 61
Gender: Male
City: Hong Kong, China
Know works: 67
Died Date:
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