Stacy Keach

as Neil Delacroce
as Noah Cross
as Clive Coleman
as Charles Ardai
as Lt. Colonel Bill Burkett
as The Shopkeeper
as Ed Pegram
as Skipper (voice)
as Warden Merville
as Edward van Zandt
as Skipper (voice)
as Doc Franklin
as Reverend MacGregor
as Ray Berkowski
as Rev. Earle Hudd
as Warden Carl Golan
as Sheriff Pugh
as Samuel Kendrick
as Jack O`Callahan
as Dr. Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov
as Claus Van Ripper
as Captain Savienko
as Jean-Baptiste Delille
as George Armstrong Montgomery
as Bill Foster
as Cameron Alexander
as Captain Savienko
as General Wallace
as Compte du Leon
as Sam Houston
as Emmitt Mallory
as Deputy Mayor Bob Jenkins
as Phantasm / Carl Beaumont (voice)
as Richard Coberts
as Jesenski
as Dr. Bob Forrest
as Ben Driscoll / Harlan Errickson
as Dr. Jeff Bierston
as Jess Tyler
as Roat / Roat Sr. / Roat Jr.
as Patrick 'Pat' Quid
as The Sarge Stedanko
as Col. Vincent Kane
as Captain Bennett
as Sgt. Stedenko (Narc)
as Professor Edward Foster
as Maggiore Mannfred Roland
as Jim Naboth
as Narrated by (voice)
as Charlie Hanson
as Matt Blackwood
as Capitano Archer
as James "Jimmy" Wheeler
as Doc Holliday
as Abraham Wright
as The Narrator
Image of Stacy Keach
Name: Stacy Keach
Born: 1941-06-02
Age: 81
Gender: Male
City: Savannah, Georgia, USA
Know works: 118
Died Date:
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