Song Young-chang

as Sang-gil
as UN Ambassador
as Mysterious Man
as new director at nuclear power plant
as Chairman Jo
as Eun-joo's father
as Lee Seok-ju
as Han-chul
as Chief Kim
as Co. President Kang
as Han Sin-Gyun
as Seung-dae
as Qigong Therapist
as Kim Hyun-tae
as Co. President Jang
as 병판(Byeongpan)
as Small Business President
as Kang Chang-wook
Image of Song Young-chang
Name: Song Young-chang
Born: 1958-04-02
Age: 66
Gender: Male
City: Gyeongsangnam-do, Chinhae, South Korea
Know works: 40
Died Date:
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