Shepperd Strudwick

as Secretary of the Navy
as Tersh Jeterax
as Adrian Benedict
as James McCullough / Ralph Graham
as Major General Vanderlip
as Dr. Malcolm Couzzens
as Sherman Wadsworth
as Anthony Vickers
as Arthur Evans
as Timothy Bryant
as Edgar 'Blacky' Franchot
as Mr. Fred Tiflin
as Marchese Del Laudi
as Brig. Gen. Mel Gilbert
as Father Massieu
as Earl Huber aka Mathews
as Mr. Wallace Sanford
as Lt. Aleksa Petrovic, Mihailovitch's Aide
as Dr. Larry Forbes
as Dewey Roberts
as Ed Shirley
as Lieut. Jerry Banning
as Dr. Gregory 'Greg' Lane
as Dr. John 'Jock' McWade
as Ned Morgan
Image of Shepperd Strudwick
Name: Shepperd Strudwick
Born: 1907-09-22
Age: 76
Gender: Male
City: Hillsboro [now Hillsborough], North Carolina, USA
Know works: 38
Died Date: 1983-01-15
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