Sean Young

as Amanda Graham
as Nat Flickerman
as Margie Mangano
as Mrs. Porter
as Cynthia Tapple Ph D.
as Nelly the Spiderwoman
as Terri Preston
as Madeline Volpe
as Laura Dykstra
as Jennifer Kamplan
as Miss Grace Chapman
as Rebecca 'Becky' Terrill
as Nell MacDermott Cauliff
as Joanna Wade
as Rachel Anderson
as Claire Sherwood
as Stella James
as Annie Nilssen
as Lana Hawking
as Mallory Jordan Keswick
as Gwen McGerrall
as Virginia Kelly
as Patty Deerheart
as Rayanne Whitfield
as Stacy Mansdorf
as Dana Greenway
as Mary Miles Minter
as Ellen / Dorothy Carlsson
as Billie Lee Guthries
as Tish Kozinski
as Linda Brown
as Kate Gekko
as Susan Atwell
as Leonore Bergman
as Chani
as Dr. Stephanie Brody
as Louise Cooper
as Dr. Chambers
Image of Sean Young
Name: Sean Young
Born: 1959-11-20
Age: 63
Gender: Female
City: Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Know works: 98
Died Date:
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