Scott Glenn

as Eugene Van Wingerdt
as W.W. Jansen
as The Wise Man / The General / The Bus Driver
as Ed Halfner
as Chris Chenery
as Sheriff Foster
as Donald Rumsfeld
as Alister Greenbough
as Steve Gruwell
as Eli 'Pappy' Chandler
as Montgomery Wick
as Wynt Perkins
as Bill Burton
as William B. Rickman
as J.P. Stiles
as Scott Glenn
as John 'Axe' Adcox
as Colonel Dexter Armstrong
as Willie Croft
as John Haddad
as Joe Wade
as Alan Shepard
as Glaeken Trismegestus
as Terry Tingloff
as Lieutenant Richard M. Colby
as Charlie Hunter
as Pfc. Glenn Kelly
as Jimbang
as James Reeger
Image of Scott Glenn
Name: Scott Glenn
Born: 1939-01-26
Age: 83
Gender: Male
City: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Know works: 74
Died Date:
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