Samuel S. Hinds

as Dr. Warren
as Judge Northridge
as Sheriff Drum
as Judge Kincaid
as Prof. Slater
as Dean Albert Sears
as Charles Pringle
as Mr. Wiggam, Waring Lawyer
as Father Paul
as Colonel Andrew J. Morgan
as Judge Simmons
as Colonel Brainard
as Jeremy Taswell
as Pop Turnbull
as Colonel Jason Craig
as Morgan Prentiss (President, Prentiss Steel)
as Judge Horace Stillman
as Mayor Daniels
as Felix Darren
as Maj. Gen. Emerson
as Mr. George Kahley
as Dr. Stephen Kildare
as Wilbur Grayson
as Horace Grover, 'the Brain'
as Banker Sam Leavitt
as Luther Bryson
as Dr. John Lawrence
as Dr. Perkins
as Dr. Stephen Kildare
as Dr. Stephen Kildare
as Sidney Simpson
as Mr. Parker
as Dr. Stephen Kildare
as Lamartine
as Edward P. Nash
as "Dutch" Bronson
as Police Commissioner David Theron
as Dr. Stephen Kildare
as Mr. William Duncan Sr.
as General Ross
as Judge Henry Harrison
as Judge Corrigan
as Brandon Williams
as Sylvia's Attorney
as Capt. Kenny
as Jonathan Clark
as Henry Sims
as Steven Ranger (as Samuel Hinds)
as Richard Gates Sr.
as Admiral Furness
as Rodding Carter
as Doctor Claybourne
as Robert Halloway
as Commander Mosely
as Mr. Pritchard
as Judge Thatcher
as Secretary of War
as Dr. McClintick
as Judge at First Trial
as Matthew Martin
as Dr. Aaron Sylvester
as Henry L. Parker
as John Vincey
as John Carter, Assistant Secretary of War
as Husband
as Jim Sloane
as Gereb's Father
as Warden of Sing Sing
as Dr. Gordon
as Dr. Murray Reid
as Father Doran
as Thomas J. Worthing
as American Ambassador
as Dickens
as Admiral Farnsworth
as New York Film Executive
Image of Samuel S. Hinds
Name: Samuel S. Hinds
Born: 1875-04-04
Age: 73
Gender: Male
City: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
Know works: 122
Died Date: 1948-10-13
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