Sammo Hung

as Action Director
as Commander Yu
as General on horse [Cameo]
as Hong Shouting
as Lung Chi-Keung / CK Long
as Director Hung
as Chan Wai-Yip
as Hung Chun-nam
as Wong Bing-Yi
as Action Director
as Li Hui
as Lin Ho Lung
as Kong Long (as Sammo Hung)
as Director Ko
as White Eyebrows
as Inspector Dark
as Assistant Director
as Himself (archive footage)
as Cyclist [cameo]
as White Cloud (voice) (Mandarin version)
as Choreographer
as Master Tung
as Eric Kidstuff / Choi
as Oriental Condor
as Eric Kidstuff / Fastbuck
as Production Manager
as Production Manager
as Chan Yu-Qun
as Hung Tai-Bo
as Big Brock / Fat Bao / Hung Gao
as Production Manager
as Production Manager
as Mr. Chin Hung Yun
as Production Manager
as Officer Huang Tsung-Po, the Father
as Liu Hsi-Chia / John
as Production Manager
as Production Manager
as Production Manager
as Luke Wong Fei-Hung
as Master Yu Jim-Yuan
as Choreographer
as Tung Ming-Sun
as Fei [archive footage]
as Ting Siu Chung
as Production Manager
as Eric / Kidstuff / Fastbuck / Tse Koo Choy
as Producer
as Executive Producer, Producer
as Kidstuff / Fastbuck
as Movie director
as Kidstuff [cameo]
as "Bombo" First-Day Chan
as Martial Arts Choreographer
as Chan Wing
as Lam Sai-wing / 'Butcher Wing'
as Blinking Beggar
as King of Sabres/Ah Yo
as The Filthy Guy, Su Yen Cheng
as Starknife bodyguard
as Renegade Monk
as Choreographer
as Kao's friend
as Rickshaw driver
as Martial arts association member
as Ba clan member
as Lee's sparring partner in opening scene
as Fan Wei
as Witch's drummer
as Commander Hsu's bodyguard
as Martial artist after Fang
as Black Demon's disciple
as Kai Shin manor's men
as Crimson Charm thug
as Whip-wielding henchman
as First fighter in final contest
as Martial contestant
as Security escort Chu
as Security guard
as Xiao's thug [extra]
as Guard/Tiger's gang member [extra]
as [extra] (unconfirmed)
as Gambler at Chiang's party
as Golden Dragon Security member
as Bandit/Barbarian King's soldier
as Long's man / Escort man
as Drummer / Monk [extra]
as Escort fighter
as Tosses sword to the hero [uncredited]
as Chiu mansion swordsman [extra]
as Martial Arts Choreographer
as Thug [extra]
as Director
Image of Sammo Hung
Name: Sammo Hung
Born: 1952-01-07
Age: 72
Gender: Male
City: Hong Kong, British Crown Colony
Know works: 223
Died Date:
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