Ryan Reynolds

as Guy (voice)
as Detective Pikachu (voice)
as Locke / Eteon Director (voice)
as Wade Wilson / Deadpool / Juggernaut (voice) / Himself
as Wade Wilson / Deadpool / Juggernaut (voice) / Himself
as Rory Adams
as Wade Wilson / Deadpool
as Wade Wilson / Deadpool
as Bill Pope
as Narrator (voice)
as Randol Schoenberg
as Young Damian
as Jerry Hickfang / Mr. Whiskers (voice) / Bosco (voice) / Deer (voice) / Bunny Monkey (voice)
as Guy (voice)
as Turbo (voice)
as Nick Walker
as Matt Weston
as Mitch Planko
as Hal Jordan / Green Lantern
as Paul Conroy
as Andrew Paxton
as Mike Connell
as Captain Excellent
as Wade Wilson / Deadpool / Weapon XI
as Frank Allen
as Gary / Gavin / Gabriel
as Richard Messner
as Chris Brander
as Hannibal King
as Mark Tobias
as Mike Hanson
as Kevin Bannister
as Nolan Booth
Image of Ryan Reynolds
Name: Ryan Reynolds
Born: 1976-10-23
Age: 47
Gender: Male
City: Vancouver, Canada
Know works: 62
Died Date:
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