Ron Perlman

as General Pershing
as Mr. Wiley
as Producer
as Asher
as Al Braverman
as Sheriff Jack
as Executive Producer
as Ed Murphy
as Xibalba (voice)
as Barry Lerner
as Det. Chilcoat
as Calabrese
as Viktor Dragovic
as Judge Henry South
as Slade Wilson / Deathstroke (voice)
as Hannibal Chau
as Mayor Williams
as Stabbington Brother (voice)
as Father Duffy
as Brother Samuel
as Elder Vorin (voice)
as Curtis Sunday
as Captain Skunkbeard / Biff Wellington (voice)
as Collie Entragian
as Father Drake
as Hotep / Ancient One #2 (voice)
as Kago (voice)
as General von Binding
as Hellboy
as Acme VP, Never Learning
as Murchison
as Dr. William Winslow
as Colonel McKellog
as Reinhardt
as The Reman Viceroy
as Mitchell
as Christopher Bellows
as Prof. Sam Tucker (voice)
as Nick Everson
as Dr. Harlan Jessup
as Charles Burden Sr.
as Marshal Nalhober
as Donnie Shank
as Satan (voice) (archive footage)
as Norman Arbuthnot
as Sylvester
as Doctor Frederick Texarian
as Chas Bradley
as Mr. Scratch (voice)
as Dr. Douglas Eben
as John McClure
as Detective Pantella
as Lt. Col. Delacroix
as Angel de la Guardia
as Jack's Lawyer
as Captain Soames
as Frank Cerrillo
as Optimus Primal / Optimal Optimus
as Slade Klossus (voice)
Image of Ron Perlman
Name: Ron Perlman
Born: 1950-04-13
Age: 74
Gender: Male
City: New York City, New York, USA
Know works: 133
Died Date:
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