Rohini Hattangadi

as Mother
as Rukku Bai Devi
as Koppuram Devi
as Ram's Mother
as Malati Tai
as Malati Tai
as Peddodu and Chinnodu's grandmother
as Parvati Sharma (Munna's mother)
as Mrs. Hazarilal
as Mrs. Mallapa (Pooja's Mother)
as Mrs Sumitra Gupta
as Shalini Sharma
as Suhasini Chavan
as Prakash's Mother
as Mrs. Devi Khanna
as Shanti (Vijay's mother)
as Roopa's Mother
as Sapna's Aunt
as Mrs. Ali
as Mohini Barve
as Kasturba Gandhi
Image of Rohini Hattangadi
Name: Rohini Hattangadi
Born: 1955-04-11
Age: 68
Gender: Female
City: New Delhi, India
Know works: 38
Died Date:
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