Robert Mitchum

as John Dickinson
as Marshal Marc Marshall
as Walter J. Hill
as Yves (archive footage)
as Narrator (voice)
as Lieutenant Elgart
as Joe "Grandpa" Whitaker-Bankston
as Preston Rhinelander
as Mr. Bosworth
as Johnny Thompson
as Ivan's Father
as Peter Hacker
as Ted Quinn .
as Donner/Rodriguez
as Col. Rogers
as Philip Marlowe
as Duke Parkhurst
as Vice Adm. William F. 'Bull' Halsey Jr.
as Harry Kilmer
as Eddie "Fingers" Coyle
as Father Oliver Van Horne
as Harry K. Graham
as Charles Shaughnessy
as Deputy Ben Kane
as Lee Arnold
as Reverend Jonathan Rudd
as Dick Ennis (war correspondent, International Press)
as Sheriff J.P. Harrah
as Dick Summers
as Rod Anderson Jr.
as Lt. Col. Barney Adams
as Harry Stanton
as Brig. Gen. Norman Cota
as Max Cady
as Paddy Carmody
as Charles Delacro
as Captain Wade Hunnicutt
as Dermot O'Neill
as Mike Morrison
as Lucas Doolin
as Major Cleve Saville
as Capt. Murrell
as Felix Bowers
as Dr. Lucas Marsh
as Clint Tollinger
as Doctor Robert Sellers
as Frank Jessup
as John 'Lonni' Douglas
as Russ Lambert
as Jeff McCloud
as Nick Cochran
as Col. Steve Janowski
as Dr. Mark Lucas
as Captain Thomas McQuigg
as Dr. Jeff Cameron
as Steve Mason
as Lt. Duke Halliday
as Billy Buck
as Jeff Markham aka Jeff Bailey
as Paul Aubert
as William J. Tabeshaw
as Norman Clyde
as Michael Garroway
as Jim Lacy aka Nevada
as Jimmy Smith
as Seaman Chuck Ryan
as 'Pig iron' Matthews
as Rip Austin
as Ernie Jones (as Bob Mitchum)
as Tate Winters
as Trigger Dolan (as Bob Mitchum)
as Panhandle Mitchell
as Richard Adams
Image of Robert Mitchum
Name: Robert Mitchum
Age: -
Gender: -
Know works: 116
Died Date:
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