Rip Torn

as David Sterling
as Lou Lo Duca (voice)
as Louis XV of France
as Larraby
as Commandant Sherman
as Edmund Collins
as Quentin 'Q' Morewood
as John Scanlon
as Harvey Potter
as Randall Tyson
as Zeus (voice)
as Admiral Winslow
as General Dick Panzer
as Deputy Prescott
as Karl Resnick
as Solomon Chandler
as Sheriff Hank Pearson
as Buford Pope
as Wilheim Gehbert
as Richard Scully
as Sheriff Wells
as Dino McLeish
as Khepera
as Primo Pitt
as Norton Baskin
as Bud Kruger / President Reagan
as Harold Benson
as JCS Chairman G. E. Dumpston
as Clyde Stewart
as Dr. George
as Father Maximilian
as Maury Dann
as Dominic Hoffo
as Raoul Rey O'Houlihan
as Gunnery Sgt. Ben Honeywell
as I.H. Chanticleer
as William Jefferson Slade
as Dion Kapakos
as Thomas 'Tom' J. Finley, Jr.
as Lt. Walter Russell
as Lieutenant Harrison
as Lt. George Miller
Image of Rip Torn
Name: Rip Torn
Age: -
Gender: -
Know works: 86
Died Date:
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