Porter Hall

as Maximillian 'Maxie' Harris
as Jack Hartrampf
as Jim Bridger
as Jacob Q. Boot
as Attorney Ketchell
as Mr. Gerald Bellows
as Arthur Bickett
as Bill Franklin
as Mr. Belknap
as President Franklin Pierce
as Judge Austin Harkley
as Mayor Dog Killey
as Jacob Woodson, Justice of the Peace
as Banker Clanton
as Chief Clerk Art Slocumb
as Angus McCloud
as Lazarus Ward
as Man in Drummond's Dream
as Chiston R. Bradby
as Hiram F. Jenkins
as James Wilson
as Mayor Bradley
as Mr. Hartman, Prosecutor
as Court Prosecutor
as James Oliver
as S.J. Crawford
as Jack McCall
as Arthur Layton
as Mrs. Saunders
as Herbert MacCaulay
Image of Porter Hall
Name: Porter Hall
Born: 1888-09-19
Age: 65
Gender: Male
City: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Know works: 57
Died Date: 1953-10-06
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