Peter Sarsgaard

as District Attorney Gil Colson
as Quint Manning
as Walter Duranty
as Robert Kennedy
as Bartholomew Bogue
as Father Bill Lombardy
as Stanley Milgram
as Brian Halloran
as Narrator (Voice)
as Chuck Traynor
as Robot (voice)
as Hector Hammond
as David Goldman
as John Coleman
as Kenneth Kepesh
as Alan Smith
as Alan Troy
as Luke Marshall
as Robert Sandrich
as Gene Carson
as Clyde Martin
as Charles 'Chuck' Lane
as Jimmy the Finn
as Vadim Radtchinko
as John Lotter
as Billy Baxter
as Cal Jackson
as Boy No. 1 (segment "Underground")
as Walter Delacroix
as Professor Hardy
Image of Peter Sarsgaard
Name: Peter Sarsgaard
Born: 1971-03-07
Age: 51
Gender: Male
City: Belleville, Illinois, USA
Know works: 49
Died Date:
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