Pat Hingle

as Gus Eicholtz
as Grandpa Nathan Tucker
as Judge Dennis Bradford
as Commissioner James Gordon
as Judge Caldwell
as Boss Tom Pendergast
as Commissioner Gordon
as U.S. Marshal Dan Kurtz
as J. Edgar Hoover
as Commissioner James Gordon
as Bobo Justus
as Commissioner James Gordon
as Hughes Larrabee
as Bubba Hendershot
as Edward Roundfield
as Frank Boda
as Chief Jannings
as Dr. Gerald Lyman
as Colonel Tom Parker
as John Adams
as Insp. Novick
as Capt. Stewart
as Quentin Hogue
as Sam Adams Pendlebury
as Judge Adam Fenton
as Harold Koble
as Herman Kreitzer
Image of Pat Hingle
Name: Pat Hingle
Born: 1924-07-19
Age: 85
Gender: Male
City: Miami, Florida, USA
Know works: 65
Died Date: 2009-01-03
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