Owen Wilson

as Herbsaint Salzerac
as Lightning McQueen (voice)
as Owen Wilson
as Steve Chambers
as Jack Dwyer
as Arnold Albertson
as Coy Harlingen
as Ricky The Dragon (voice)
as Lightning McQueen (voice)
as Nick Campbell
as Reggie (voice)
as Steve Dallas
as Lightning McQueen (voice)
as Kenny Bostick
as Rick Mills
as Kevin Rawley
as Marmaduke (voice)
as Coach Skip (voice)
as John Grogan
as Drillbit Taylor
as Lightning McQueen (voice)
as Lightning McQueen (voice)
as John Beckwith
as Ken Hutchinson
as Roy O’Bannon
as Alexander Scott
as Lt. Chris Burnett
as Hansel McDonald
as Roy O'Bannon
as Luke Sanderson
as Executive Producer
as Oscar Choi
as Associate Producer
as Gary Dixon
as Robin's Date
Image of Owen Wilson
Name: Owen Wilson
Born: 1968-11-18
Age: 54
Gender: Male
City: Dallas, Texas, USA
Know works: 70
Died Date:
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