Oliver Reed

as Antonius Proximo
as Jamie Campbell-Stewart
as General Safan
as Dolly Hopkins
as Dr. Hans Vaughan
as Gen. de Boisdeffre
as Michael Bartos
as Jack Fisher
as General Belmondo
as General Turner
as Ian Ballinger
as Captain Shanks
as Sarm
as Gerald Kingsland
as Gregory Le Vay
as Sir Brackley
as Jason Kincaid
as Edward Widdlecome
as Gen. Rodolfo Graziani
as Dave Averconnelly
as Dr. Henry Heckyl/Mr. Hype
as Dr. Hal Raglan
as Gabriel Lee
as Frank Hobbs
as Otto von Bismarck
as Princess Carolyn's Servant
as Vito Cipriani
as Arthur, the Sergeant
as Harry Lomart
as Russ McNeil
as Urbain Grandier
as Patrick Standish
as Gerald Crich
as Bill Sikes
as David George Robert Tremayne
as La Bete
as Simon Ashby
as Captain Sylvester
as Harry Cobtree
as Artist in Cafe
as Plaid Shirt
Image of Oliver Reed
Name: Oliver Reed
Born: 1938-02-13
Age: 61
Gender: Male
City: Wimbledon, London, England, UK
Know works: 83
Died Date: 1999-05-02
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