Nicole Kidman

as Angie Dickinson
as Gretchen Carlson
as Samantha Barbour
as Nancy Eamons
as Atlanna
as Erin Bell
as Martha Farnsworth
as The Possessed
as Sue Brierley
as Aline Bernstein
as Catherine Parker
as Millicent
as Christine Lucas
as Evelyn 'Evie' Stoker
as Martha Gellhorn
as Charlotte Bless
as Devlin Adams
as Sarah Miller
as Becca Corbett
as Claudia
as Lady Sarah Ashley
as Marisa Coulter
as Norma Jean (voice)
as Silvia Broome
as Isabel Bigelow
as Joanna Eberhart
as Grace Margaret Mulligan
as Faunia Farley
as Virginia Woolf
as Stephen's Girlfriend on the Phone (voice)
as Grace Stewart
as Sophie alias Nadia
as Alice Harford
as Gillian Owens
as Dr. Julia Kelly
as Academy Awards Presenter
as Suzanne Stone
as Dr. Chase Meridian
as Gail Jones
as Tracy Kennsinger
as Shannon Christie
as Drew Preston
as Dr. Claire Lewicki
as Rae Ingram
as Helen McCord
as Megan Goddard
as Carol Trig
as Sheena Henderson
Image of Nicole Kidman
Name: Nicole Kidman
Born: 1967-06-20
Age: 55
Gender: Female
City: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Know works: 95
Died Date:
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