Nicolas Cage

as Nathan Gardner
as Grug Crood (voice)
as Frank Walsh
as Peter Parker / Spider-Man Noir (voice)
as Red Miller
as Mike Chandler
as Det. John Dromoor
as Brent Ryan
as Eddie King
as Evan Lake
as Hank Forrester
as Gary Faulkner
as Jim Stone
as Colin Price
as Joe Ransom
as Paul Maguire
as Rayford Steele
as Grug Crood (voice)
as Jack Halcombe
as Will Montgomery
as Kyle Miller
as Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider
as Damon Macready / Big Daddy
as Dr. Tenma (voice)
as John Koestler
as Speckles the Mole (voice)
as Cris Johnson / Frank Cadillac
as Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider
as John McLoughlin
as Zoc (voice)
as Edward Malus
as Yuri Orlov
as David Spritz
as Charlie Kaufman / Donald Kaufman
as Sergeant Joe Enders
as Acid Yellow
as Captain Antonio Corelli
as Jacob Marley (voice)
as Jack Campbell
as Randall 'Memphis' Raines
as Tom Welles
as Rick Santoro
as Castor Troy / Sean Archer
as Cameron Poe
as Dr. Stanley Goodspeed
as Ben Sanderson
as Little Junior Brown
as Doug Chesnic
as Michael Williams
as Johnny Collins
as Sailor Ripley
as Jake Preston
as Enrico Silvestri
as H.I. McDunnough
as Ronny Cammareri
as Sergeant Al Columbato
as Vincent Dwyer
Image of Nicolas Cage
Name: Nicolas Cage
Born: 1964-01-07
Age: 59
Gender: Male
City: Long Beach, California, USA
Know works: 113
Died Date:
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