Nana Bryant

as Mrs. Banner
as Sister Beatrice
as Mrs. Hazel Chumley
as Mrs. Gilwyn
as Sybil Elwood Kaymeer
as Mrs. 'Ducky' Sutherland
as Hattie Waters
as Mrs. Howard
as Mrs. Mitchell
as Lydia Forsythe
as Mrs. Winterbottom
as Anna Templeton
as Mrs. Crane
as Mrs. Carter
as Corinne Williams
as Dean Clinton
as Mrs. Hellie Novotny
as Mrs. Mulvaney
as Mrs. Dalrymple
as Alicia Rolf
as Martha Matthews
as Marian Johnson
as Mrs. Corvall
as Mrs. Minnie Brewster
as Mrs. John Clark Reitter Sr.
as Meg Swift
as Ethel Stevenson
as Aunt Harriet Whittaker
as Sarah Barstow
as Mrs. Lindsay
as Aunt Julie Stewart
Image of Nana Bryant
Name: Nana Bryant
Born: 1888-11-23
Age: 67
Gender: Female
City: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Know works: 60
Died Date: 1955-12-24
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