Michael Shannon

as General Zod
as Chief Moore
as Walt Thrombey
as George Westinghouse
as Chief Warrant Officer Hal Spencer
as Captain Beatty
as Blayde Griggs
as Richard Strickland
as Executive Producer
as Maynard Greiger
as Grey Villet
as Elvis Presley
as Lee Keller
as Frank Reilly
as Dane Wells
as Policeman Macy's
as Rick Carver
as Ernest Holm
as Galen
as General Zod
as Richard Kuklinski
as Bobby Monday
as Just Mike
as Curtis LaForche
as Kim Fowley
as Henry
as Doc Cross Williams
as Jordan Walker
as Peter Evans
as Ray Zumbro
as Larry Oster-Berg
as Floyd Poteet
as Frankie Lombardo
as Greg Buehl
as Troy Abbott
as Sgt. Filmore
as Crack Head
as D.C. Flower Delivery Man
as Patrick Mulligan
as Shriver
as Edward Boyne
as Joseph McCarthy
Image of Michael Shannon
Name: Michael Shannon
Born: 1974-08-07
Age: 49
Gender: Male
City: Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Know works: 84
Died Date:
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