Michael Paré

as Colonel Reeder
as Jordan Freedman
as Police Chief Sawyer
as Alan Rhodes
as Trevor Morgan
as Damian Wakefield
as Air Marshall Adam Anderson
as Col. Granger
as Detective Mark Fox
as Allen Smith
as Lieutenant Forni
as Ambassador Patrick Adams Jr.
as Michael Shreder
as Richard Renshaw
as Detective Tom Weston
as Captain Doug Rice
as Mr. Wallington
as Sheriff Olson
as Captain Raymond Mitchell Howard
as Captain Mike Ryan
as Xander
as Captain Mike Ryan
as Conklin
as Frank D'Cecco 'Frankie'
as Lt. Ray Bozeman
as Detective Kurlen
as Dean Warner
as The Commandant
as Jack Bowman
as Commandant Ekart Brand
as Sheriff Melvoy
as Clive Connelly
as Officer Pavlovich
as Mike Watson / The Ghost
as Sergeant Vic Hollowborn
as Paul Summer
as Panhandler
as Detective Matthew 'Matt' Bishop
as Detective Barry Harper
as Michael Turner
as Captain Williams
as Capt. Michael A. Stoddard
as Ty Griffin
as Detective Cody Martin
as Vincent
as Sheriff Harding
as Adult Trip Fontaine
as Bill Pruitt
as Daryl Boden
as Pershing Quinn
as Uncle Ted
as Colin Neal
as Joe Brody
as Brad Cartowski
as Capt. Paul Watkins
as Joey Andre
as Chris/Craig Brandt
as Felix Stone
as George Landon
as Matteo Trino
as Roger Kinkaid
Image of Michael Paré
Name: Michael Paré
Born: 1958-10-09
Age: 65
Gender: Male
City: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
Know works: 122
Died Date:
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