Michael Ironside

as The Magistrate
as Dr. Julian Loro
as Dr. Daniel Marcus
as Klaus Meisner
as Sheriff Knowles
as Alexander Rachet
as Tom McClain
as Col. Desmond Trump
as Warden
as Senator Pitfield
as Chief Bannen
as Sheriff Tony Willinger
as Teddy Carmichael
as General Ashdown
as Oficer Ned Hutton
as Captain Nathan Norcross
as Colonal Gauge
as Mark 'Doc' Jordan
as Guy X
as Sheriff Ed Rooney
as Gunter Steinberg
as Jake Russo
as Senator Bill Armitage
as Tyler (voice)
as Agent Frank Bellows
as Det. Francis John 'Jack' Connor
as Frank Donahue
as Detective Briscoe
as Marshall Wallace
as Det. Jack Cooper
as Lieutenant Jean Rasczak
as Lt. Col. Stone
as Billy Niles
as Detective Gene Baker
as Gary Yanuck
as Capt. Meisler
as Sheriff Wilson
as Carl Pimmler
as Bats O'Bannion
as Lt. Ralf Barfuss
as Mr. Kincaid
as Harry M. Stark
as Frank Bruce
as Sheriff Pete
as Kellen O'Reilly
as Det. Carl Madsen
as Larry Gaylord
as Lem Johnson
as Maj. Paul Hackett
as Lt. Cdr. Heatherly 'Jester'
as Capt. Neal Braddock
as George Kyber
as Det. Sgt. Roersch
as Sgt. Skylar (as Mike Ironside)
as Colt Hawker
as Darryl Revok
as Murdered Police Detective
as Fischer
Image of Michael Ironside
Name: Michael Ironside
Born: 1950-02-12
Age: 72
Gender: Male
City: Toronto, Canada
Know works: 125
Died Date:
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