Michael Bell

as Additional Voices (voice)
as Houser Boon (voice)
as Hoppy (voice)
as Duncan MacGubbin / Mcintyre (voice)
as Drew Pickles / Charles 'Chaz' Finster, Sr.
as Chas Finster / Drew Pickles (voice)
as Drew Pickles/Charles 'Chaz' Finster, Sr. (voice)
as Drew Pickles / Chaz Finster, Sr. (voice)
as Charles 'Chaz' Finster Sr. / Grandpa Boris Kropotkin / Drew Pickles (voice)
as Drew Pickles / Chas Finster
as Drew Pickles / Chas Finster / Boris Kropotkin (voice)
as Ferdinand / Straycatcher (voice)
as Duke / Xamot / Blowtorch / Lift Ticket
as Prowl/Scrapper/Swoop/Junkion (voice)
as Duke / Xamot / Lift Ticket / Scrap-Iron
as Handy Smurf (voice)
as Grouchy Smurf (voice)
as 2nd Penthouse Lobby Guard
as Dr. Monk Monahan
Image of Michael Bell
Name: Michael Bell
Age: -
Gender: -
Know works: 43
Died Date:
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