Megumi Hayashibara

as Yu-Ri/Cassette Girl
as Hammerhead's daughter
as Christin Gillum (voice)
as Thunders (voice)
as Sohei's Mother (voice)
as Wakasa
as Paprika / Atsuko
as Musashi / Absol (voice)
as Musashi / Mizugorou (voice)
as Musashi / Latias (voice)
as Gomazou (voice)
as Fushigidane (voice)
as Lina Inverse
as Nora (voice)
as Woman (voice)
as Female Researcher / Voice of Tetra
as Fushigidane (voice)
as Answering machine voice
as Megumi Hayashibara
as Rei Ayanami (voice)
as Maria Isshiki (voice)
as Fushigidane / Pigeon (voice)
as Rei Ayanami / Yui Ikari (voice)
as Ongo (voice)
as Lina Inverse
as Lina Inverse
as Elle Ragu (voice)
as General Hello Kitty (voice)
as Kazumi Kishida (voice)
as Dominic (voice)
as Carrie (voice)
as Kazumi Kishida/Tomomi (voice)
as Additional Voices (voice)
as Rei Ayanami / Yui Ikari (voice)
Image of Megumi Hayashibara
Name: Megumi Hayashibara
Born: 1967-03-30
Age: 55
Gender: Female
City: Tokyo, Japan
Know works: 153
Died Date:
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