Mathieu Amalric

as Adolphe Thiers (voice)
as Richard Berger
as Alphonse Bertillon
as Dr. Paul Gachet
as Yves Zand
as Ismael Vuillard
as Gérard Illinski, le précepteur
as Oscar Pormenor
as Jacques Rey
as Paul Dédalus (adult)
as Thadeusz M___ / Ostler
as Jérôme Varenne
as Julien Gahyde
as Georges Devereux
as Le professeur de français
as André Petrescu
as The Prince (voice)
as Le prédicateur
as Joachim Zand
as Man in bushes
as Bernard de Bordeaux
as Robinson
as Récitant / Narrator (voice)
as Henri, their middle child
as Dominic Greene
as Bertrand
as François Grimbert at 37 years old
as Man at Masked Ball
as Serge Schaeffer
as Un spectateur du Nô
as Ismaël Vuillard
as Benjamin Sauvagnac
as Assistant Director Trainee
Image of Mathieu Amalric
Name: Mathieu Amalric
Age: -
Gender: -
Know works: 95
Died Date:
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