Martin Landau

as Bernard Florence
as Max Rosenbaum
as J. Howard Marshall
as Mr. Rzykruski (voice)
as Rabbi Albert Lewis
as Hotel Manager
as 2 (voice)
as Robert Malone
as Harrison Montgomery
as Joseph Krauzenberg
as Sen. Richard Russell
as Harry Trimble
as Papa Gruber
as Frank Spedding
as Peter Van Garrett
as Joseph Bonanno, age 94
as Gordon Trout
as Roy Tilden
as Abe Petrovsky
as Kurtzweil
as Mr. Donald Blakemore
as Judge Walter Stern
as Bela Lugosi
as Dr. Thadius Moxley
as Alex Parsons
as Mayor Howard Bains
as Jack Roth
as Adm. Pendleton
as Daniel Lambert
as Simon Wiesenthal
as Bosarian
as John Martin Perkins III
as Agency Head
as Garson Jones
as Commander John Koenig
as Byron 'Preacher' Sutcliff
as Commander John Koenig
as Fred 'Sarge' Dobbs
as Commander John Koenig
as Niles Buchanan
as Major General Adlon
as Commander John Koenig
as John Koenig
as Paul Savage
as Chief Walks-Stooped-Over
as Lt. Marshall
Image of Martin Landau
Name: Martin Landau
Born: 1928-06-20
Age: 89
Gender: Male
City: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Know works: 95
Died Date: 2017-07-15
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