Margot Kidder

as Dr. Amanda Walker
as Jean Dempsey
as Stella Kelly
as Dr. Calvin
as Barbara Collier
as Storyteller
as Frances Grolier
as Mrs. Katerina Marmelodov
as Laura Johnson
as Eileen Canboro
as Lillian Hannibal
as Lady Margarite
as Sally 'Mom' Cima
as Doctor Kate 'Doc' Winston
as Vivy Lamori
as Rachel Grayson
as Mickey Tremaine
as Chris Kenyon
as Mickey Raymond
as Lois Lane
as Jeannette Sutherland
as Lois Lane
as The Woman From England
as Barbara 'Barb' Coard
as Danielle Breton / Dominique Blanchion
Image of Margot Kidder
Name: Margot Kidder
Born: 1948-10-17
Age: 70
Gender: Female
City: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
Know works: 67
Died Date: 2018-05-13
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