Marcia Gay Harden

as Lieutenant Lewis
as Dr. Grace Trevelyan-Grey
as Dr. Grace Trevelyan-Grey
as Katherine Dunn
as Dr. Grace Trevelyan-Grey
as Lydia Bancroft
as Doris Nelson
as Principal Carol Dearden
as Barbara Sabich
as Brooke Cavendar
as Maryanne Kinkade
as Billie McCandless
as Mrs. Carmody
as Diane Powell
as Megan Stark
as Edith Irving
as Mary Marino
as Janet Huttenson
as Missy
as Grace Sutherland
as Celeste Boyle
as Jenny Moran
as Mrs. Susannah Lear Tumlinson
as Lee Krasner
as Sara Holland
as Susan Silverman
as Allison Parrish
as Dr. Samantha Hawkins
as Michelle Tippet
as Dr. Sara Jean Reynolds
as Shelby Goddard
as Dr. Leslie Rosen
as Miss Cheevus
as Maggie Sinclair
as Verna Bernbaum
Image of Marcia Gay Harden
Name: Marcia Gay Harden
Born: 1959-08-14
Age: 63
Gender: Female
City: La Jolla, California, USA
Know works: 66
Died Date:
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