Malcolm McDowell

as Oliver (voice)
as Colonel Saville
as Rupert Murdoch
as Blind Prophet
as Dr. Doobie
as Mr. Capricorn
as Evan Polus
as Father Murder
as Thaddeus Gault
as Dr. Stenson
as The Employer
as Dr. Soulis
as Lester Koop (voice)
as Mr. Cooper
as Dr. Abendroth
as Sheriff Cooper
as The Butler
as Harold Weintraub
as Merlyn the Magnificent (segment "Green Arrow") (voice)
as Principal Gibbons
as Mr. Farley
as Professor Noah Melville
as Merlyn the Magnificent (voice)
as Professor Moriarity (voice)
as Eddie Van Helsing
as Dr. Samuel Loomis
as Dr. Calico (voice)
as Marc Bouchier
as Dr. Calico (voice)
as Dr. Marcus Kane
as Raius (voice)
as Dr. Loomis
as Desmond Larochette
as Orientation Instructor (voice)
as Richard Morton
as Narrator (voice)
as Andrej Romanovic
as Paul Valenzin
as Scamboli (voice)
as Alberto Antonelli
as Walter Shrenger
as Dr. Werner
as Gundars
as Dexter Miles
as Martin Hudson
as Sheriff of Nottingham
as Dr. Thomas Abernathy
as Gangster 55
as Uncle Morris MacIntosh
as Seward
as Barnabus (voice)
as Francois Dubois
as Captain Sean Murdoch
as Henry Dugay
as Sullivan Rane / Doc
as Austin Cloquet
as Dr. Stein
as Bernard Drake / Ian Morrissey
as General Smyslovsky
as Malcolm McDowell
as Timofeyev / Yurovsky
as Prof. Baldwin
as Dr. Miles Langford
as Lord Malice (voice)
as Major Lee
as Dr. Derrick Russell
as Benjamin J. Faberson
as Pier Francesco Ferraioli
as Warden Tennant
as Walter Goldberg
as Alfie Alperin
as The Caller
as The Englishman
as Reggie Wanker
as Max Perkins
as Col. F.E. Cochrane
as The Wolf a.k.a. Reginald Von Lupin / Narrator
as Paul Gallier
as Capt. Von Berkow
as Caligula
as Maj. John Gresham
as Captain Harry Flashman
as Michael Arnold Travis / Plantation Thief
as Alexander DeLarge
as Bruce Pritchard
as Mick Travis
as Billy (scenes deleted)
as The Wizard Mangodor
Image of Malcolm McDowell
Name: Malcolm McDowell
Born: 1943-06-13
Age: 79
Gender: Male
City: Horsforth, Yorkshire, England, UK
Know works: 168
Died Date:
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