Lesley Ann Warren

as Twinkle Harrison
as Clara Jobs
as Joy Tramontana
as Nurse Bleaker
as Peggy Stuckman
as Joan Holloway
as Dr. Klein
as Dawn Sloane
as Evelyn Heiss
as Sandy Robats
as Nina Casselman
as Potifars Frau
as Carla Carr
as Sondra Dorio
as Lula Rogers
as Eleanor Larimore
as Kathleen McCarthy
as Juanita Hutchins
as Dr. Cynthia Sheldrake
as Kelsey Wilkes
as Miss Scarlet
as Norma Cassady
as Laura Reynolds
as Deborah Cabot
as Cinderella
as Sarah's Daughter
as Charlie's mom
Image of Lesley Ann Warren
Name: Lesley Ann Warren
Born: 1946-08-16
Age: 77
Gender: Female
City: New York City, New York, USA
Know works: 60
Died Date:
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