Lance Henriksen

as Willis Peterson
as Reverend Campbell
as Jackson Wells
as Henry Breck
as Fr. Ehrlich
as Caruthers
as FBI Agent Kelly
as Father Donovan O'Malley
as Col. Stephen Cencula
as Dr. Douglas Hoffman
as Braineater
as Broderick Duncan
as God (voice)
as Father Reed
as Paddy O'Concrete (voice)
as Randolph Hope
as Sheriff Virgil Logan
as Ring Shelton
as The Old Man
as Tin Man (voice)
as James Monte
as Captain John
as Connor Pritchett
as Dr. Fibrian
as Ziegler Dane
as Ben Zachary
as Harlan Knowles
as Kerchak (voice)
as Colonel Harlan Williams
as 'Awful' Knoffel
as Charles Bishop Weyland
as Dr. Franks
as The Mentor
as Captain John Billings
as Jack Pitchford
as Dr. Richard Gaynes
as Harlan Knowles
as David Shaw
as Headmaster Bradeen
as John Milton
as Kerchak, the Gorilla King (voice)
as Eric Dane / Erich Dengler
as Cole Wilson
as Sheriff Doug Barnum
as Richard Charles
as The Father
as McClaren
as Emil Fouchon
as Lance Bishop
as Sgt. Freddy Ross
as Jackson Rivers
as Chains Cooper
as Rafe Garrett
as Detective Lucas McCarthy
as Ed Harley
as Jesse Hooker
as Lance Bishop
as Brook Alastair
as Frank Martin
as Detective Vukovich
as Wally Schirra
as MacLeod (segment "The Benediction")
as Police Chief Steve Kimbrough
as Defense Lawyer
as Raymond Armstead
as Sergeant Neff
as Henry Callas
Image of Lance Henriksen
Name: Lance Henriksen
Born: 1940-05-05
Age: 82
Gender: Male
City: New York City, New York, USA
Know works: 152
Died Date:
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