Kane Hodder

as Jonah Hollis
as Beau Johnson
as Himself / Michael Myers
as Victor Crowley
as Coach Elwood
as Jon Roy
as Grawesome Crutal
as Tony Stewart
as Victor Crowley
as Limo Driver
as Meshugannah
as Victor Crowley / Thomas Crowley
as Dennis Rader
as Mr. Carpenter - First victim
as Asmodeus / Cardinal
as Victor Crowley
as Homeless Demon
as Stunt Coordinator
as Undercover Cop
as Biker Guy
as Jason Voorhees / Uber-Jason
as Stunt Coordinator
as Merritt's Guard
as Jason Voorhees / Security Guard #2 / Freddy Krueger's arm
as Stunt Coordinator
as Trailer Narration
as Stunt Coordinator
as Older Geek
as Unfriendly DA
as Sheriff Sid Miller
Image of Kane Hodder
Name: Kane Hodder
Born: 1955-04-08
Age: 67
Gender: Male
City: Auburn, California, USA
Know works: 86
Died Date:
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