Jürgen Prochnow

as Major Schlegel
as Franz Ludin
as Rudy Kurlander #4
as Luca Gruenewald
as Baron Von Haan
as Jacob Krieg
as Visitatore / The Inquisitor
as André Vernet
as Baron Wolfgang von Wolfhausen
as Erik Westermark
as Sacha Roublev
as Dr. Fallon
as Carl Krieger
as József Kovács
as Cdr. Paul Gerald
as Gerhardt Dach
as General Ivan Radek
as Dr. Carl Wessinger
as Judge Griffin
as Günther
as Dr. Alan Paley
as Jorunalist Strasser
as Charlie Dowd
as Sir Miles Folcanet
as Col. Valachev
as The Skipper
as Fritz Friedländer
as Duke Leto Atreides
as Captain Klaus Woermann
as General Siegfried Kaplan
as Kapitän-Leutnant Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock
as Martin Kurath
as weiterer Stammtisch-Bruder
Image of Jürgen Prochnow
Name: Jürgen Prochnow
Born: 1960-11-08
Age: 57
Gender: Male
City: Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
Know works: 78
Died Date: 2017-06-27
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