Julian Glover

as Sebastian
as the Old Man
as John Jones
as Duke of Wellington
as Robert Esseker
as Susan's Father
as Lord Lyman
as 80 year old Blind Man
as Triopas
as Prince de Conde
as Mr Farquharson
as King Gustav
as Colonel McGraw
as Brian Harcourt-Smith
as Col. Creighton
as King Richard
as Aristotle Kristatos
as The Constable of France
as Count Scarlioni / Captain Tancredi / Scaroth
as Arnold Pryce-Jones
as Cmdr. Marder
as Hindley Earnshaw
as Charles Marquis
as Richard the Lionheart
as Malachi Sullivan
as Alfred Graves
Image of Julian Glover
Name: Julian Glover
Born: 1935-03-27
Age: 89
Gender: Male
City: London, England
Know works: 53
Died Date:
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