Jonathan Pryce

as Jorge Bergoglio/Pope Francis
as Joe Castleman
as Raymond Heacock
as Colonel Fitz
as The Engineer (finale)
as Patrick Brontë
as Chief Justice Rehnquist
as Mayor Nathan Keane
as Harry Fletcher
as Dr. Robert Dalrymple
as Marty Bronson
as CC Frazier
as James Clavel / Scarpia
as Paul Dellenbach
as Alistair Payne
as Cardinal Louis de Rohan
as Gustav Mahler
as Cardinal Daniel Houseman
as Seamus O'Rourke
as Juan Perón
as Lytton Strachey
as Dr. Ted Philips
as Narrator / Father (voice)
as The Right Ordinary Horatio Jackson
as Charles Abbot
as Sam Lowry
as Mr. Ellsworthy
as Christian Magny
Image of Jonathan Pryce
Name: Jonathan Pryce
Born: 1947-06-01
Age: 74
Gender: Male
City: Carmel, Flintshire, Wales, UK
Know works: 82
Died Date:
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