John Ritter

as Bob Chipeska
as Stanley Grubman
as Bob Carter
as Dr. Josh Parks
as Tom Williams
as Joe Cass
as Dr. Wexler
as Chief Warren Kincaid
as Steven Mayer
as Dr. Carter Elston
as Bruce Simon Barker
as Moses Helper
as Jonas Ambler
as Duncan the Bartender
as Vaughan Cunningham
as Clarke MacGruder
as Ward Nelson
as Bill Grant
as Garry Lejeune / Roger Tramplemain
as Roy Knable
as Zachary Hutton
as Bob Wilson
as Phillip Reed
as Judge Harold Benton
as Tom McPherson
as Charles Rutledge
as Steve Nichols
as Satan (The Devil)
as President Chet Roosevelt
as Marty Flesh
as Franklin Frank
Image of John Ritter
Name: John Ritter
Born: 1948-09-17
Age: 55
Gender: Male
City: Burbank, California, USA
Know works: 62
Died Date: 2003-09-11
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