John Rhys-Davies

as Henry
as Evangelist (voice)
as Warnie
as Jack
as Brine King (voice)
as Pinky Steuben
as Martin Avdeitch
as Charles Kemp
as Mr. Bezzeredes
as Colonel Carlos Dillard
as Kostas Jakobatos
as Prof. Hayden Masterton
as Malcom Andrews
as Narrator / Santa (voice)
as Senator Jackson Crenshaw
as Elliot Carbon
as Yale Ericson
as Thorton (voice)
as Mr. Andrew Benton
as Captain Randolph
as King Fastrad
as Ranjan's Father (voice)
as Cmdr. Hammerstock-Smythe
as Presidente Hugo Luis Ramos
as Police Lt. Wyznowski
as Anthony Bricklin
as Dr. Matthew Sallin
as Captain Barrett
as Nigel Kent
as Woolie Mammoth (voice)
as Jacques Duvalier
as Inspector Marais
as Vigo Haman
as Bruder Parvus
as Charles Brickens (voice)
as Professor Warren
as Rudi Von Kseenbaum
as Professor George Challenger
as Carl Boardman
as Werewolf
as General Leonid Pushkin
as Corky Taylor
as Babu
as Rasoul
as Bouchard: Big Game Hunter
as Andre Cassell
as Front de Boeuf
as Stephanos Markoulis
as Rugby Player
Image of John Rhys-Davies
Name: John Rhys-Davies
Born: 1944-05-05
Age: 79
Gender: Male
City: Ammanford, Wales, UK
Know works: 129
Died Date:
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