John Malkovich

as President Charles Smith
as Douglas
as Sid Newberry
as Bob Hunter
as Leslie Goodwin
as Dr. Felton
as Donald Vidrine
as Chazz Spencer
as Bogdanovitch
as Sheriff Vogel
as Grandfather Kuzya
as Marvin Boggs
as Colonel Grigio
as General Wellington
as Executive Producer
as Lucien Laurin
as Marvin Boggs
as Turnbull
as Rev. Gustav Briegleb
as David Lurie
as Joseph Kay
as Producer
as Unferth
as Professor Sandiford
as Gustav Klimt
as King Galbatorix
as Comandante John Walesa
as Pascal Sauvage, the Greedy Frenchman
as John Crawford
as Teddy Deserve
as Monsieur Numance
as John Horatio Malkovich
as Le Baron de Charlus
as Herman Mankiewicz
as Teddy KGB
as Cyrus Grissom
as Abel Tiffauges
as General Thomas Timms
as Dr. Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde
as Lennie Small
as Agent St. Anne
as Jake Bartholomew
as Vicomte S├ębastien de Valmont
as Executive Producer
as Barry Maxwell
as Ulysses / Dr. Jeff Peters
as Nicholas 'Nick' Gage
as Alan 'Al' Rockoff, Photographer
as Duke
Image of John Malkovich
Name: John Malkovich
Born: 1953-12-09
Age: 68
Gender: Male
City: Christopher, Illinois, USA
Know works: 111
Died Date:
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